Okay kids, time to talk about something your mom would be so pissed to find stashed in your drawer. Good ol’ greens. Maybe, not exactly the one you stash and take with you to Coachella but rather the one you can use daily without getting your eyes red - cannabis note in perfumes.

Can a cannabis-inspired fragrance actually make you high? Nope. The molecules that recreate the natural hemp fragrance are extracted from the aromatic oils called terpenes. And terpenes are 100% non-psychoactive (sorry folks!).

Would a cannabis-inspired fragrance make you smell funky and cops around - look at you suspiciously? Nope. The previously mentioned terpenes can be found in much more innocent herbs like lavender, cloves, in pine needles, and even in some fruits (think mango or some citrus). That’s why the fragrances with this sweeeet naughty note usually smell more than pleasant - green & woody with a light sweetness and often almost lime-like freshness. 

Where can you find the most unique cannabis-inspired scent? Easy peasy, in a bottle of Sweet Leaf! Together with the nose Serge De Oliveira, we aimed to bring you the brightest side of cannabis, combining it with sensual jasmine, happy grapefruit, and deep’n’woody patchouli. The only potential side effect is that you can get addicted to this scent. But no problems - the 100 ml of Sweet Leaf is available in pre-order to satisfy your cravings.

Are you ready for the brightest fragrance trip you’ve ever had?